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Shelley and I purchased Amp Parts Direct on March 10, 2020. We were looking for a Florida Business Opportunity that can help us transition to a life in Florida the Summer of 2021. Our daughter will graduate from High School the summer of 2021 and our twins will be starting High Scholl the Fall of 2021.

This would be perfect timing for a move and we figured this to be a 2 year plan to make this happen! We started looking for businesses in February of 2019. We researched many businesses. We took 3 trips to Florida and looked at more than 35 businesses. We looked at everything from Gas Stations to Convenient stores and a Roll-off Dumpster Service to Laundromats. We looked at Car repair Centers and Lawn Services. When several opportunities didn’t work out and we were starting to get frustrated… we stumbled across Amp Parts Direct.

I spoke with the broker and made a November 2019 trip to Altamonte Springs to meet Rick Gessner, previous owner, founder and builder of Valvetrain Amps. The opportunity was perfect. It would offer me an opportunity to use my early 80’s College Education in Electronics and give Shelley and I a chance to work together helping you recreate the Classic Vintage Sounds that made music what it is today!

We made an offer and came to terms. Everything was falling into place but, we had a snag… The owner of ClassicTone did not want to work with us. He would not take or return phone calls. He would not return emails. There was no explanation…

So, we reached out to Mercury Magnetics and Heyboer Transformers. Two Top names in the industry! We explained our situation and asked them if they would work with us. Both Heyboer and Mercury have bent over backwards to help us recreate the former line of transformers at the same or better Quality and with Mercury Magnetics unmatched warranty!

Paper or plastic is up to you but we offer both! …and Rick Gessner will be staying around for a while to help with technical support. We appreciate your business and look forward to being a “Part” of your projects!!!

Kindest Regards,

Dan & Shelley Petroski

Our Joshua 2415, LLC