Bumblebee by Jupiter Condenser - .022uf @ 400 VDC Aluminum Foil Capacitor

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Jupiter Condenser - .022uf @ 400 VDC Bumblebee Capacitor

Product Description

 Construction is accurate to the original materials used in the Bumblebee Capacitors, featuring a true hermetic seal, Aluminum Foil, Paper-in-Mineral Oil with tinned copper leads. Hand painted to reproduce the look and feel of the original Bumblebees.

Aluminum Foil 400V 
Voltage: 400VDC 
Dielectric: Paper in Mineral Oil
Tolerance: +/- 10% Operating
Temperature: 85 degrees C
Leads: 20awg Tinned OFC Copper
RoHS Compliant
Diameter: .44" (11.1 mm)
Length: 1.38" (34.9 mm)

Application: Guitar Amplifier, Guitar Tone Control, Vintage Electronics
Made in USA of US made materials.


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