Jewel - Fender Style, for lamps / bulbs - White

Jewel - Fender Style, for lamps / bulbs - White

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Color: White

Fender® style lamp jewels are used on countless amps from all kinds of manufacturers. Threading: 9/16 - 27

Note: When back-lit, the color of the amp jewels will be affected by the color of the bulb behind it.

RoHS Compliant

Item Height 0.65 in.
Outer Diameter 0.63 in.
U.S. Thread Major Diameter 0.5625
U.S. Thread Pitch Amber version P-L117 27 tpi.
Aqua version P-L125 27 tpi
Blue version P-L120 27 tpi.
Clear version P-L122 27 tpi.
Green version P-L116 27 tpi.
Purple version P-L121 27 tpi.
Red version P-L115 27 tpi.
Violet version P-L121V 27 tpi.
White version P-L123 27 tpi.

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