Jupiter Condenser - 47uf @ 100V "Cosmos" Electrolytic Axial Capacitor

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Jupiter Condenser - 47uf @ 100VDC "Cosmos" Electrolytic Axial range Capacitor

Product Description

The Cosmos Electrolytic Capacitors is a new axial range from Jupiter Condenser!

Inspired from and designs based on early American Wet Electrolytic Capacitors used in audio amplifier, guitar amplifiers and pro audio applications.

See data sheets for specifications on individual values. 

Capacitance 47uF

Tolerance: +/-20% 

Rated operation temperature: 85C

Voltage: 100VDC 

ESR: 3.3 Ohm Max

DF: 11.7% Max

DC Leakage: 57 uA max. after 5 minutes charge at rated voltage

Ripple at 120Hz: 0.173 Amps @ 65C

Diameter: 0.374" (9.5mm)

Length 0.945" (24mm)

Application: Guitar Amplifier, Audio Amplifier and Pro Audio Application.

Made in USA of US made materials.


 Jupiter Cosmos Electrolytic Capacitors datasheet

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