Mallory 150s - Capacitor - .0033uf @ 630 VDC - Axial Lead

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Capacitor - .0033uf @ 630 VDC Tubular Film - Illinois Capacitor

Malory axial capacitors rated for 630V. The type 150 series axial lead

Metalized Polyester Non Inductive Capacitor.

Type 150 series is a general purpose capacitor for use in blocking, bypass, decoupling, smoothing and some timing applications.

95% RH @ 45 degrees C for 21 days


Epoxy end fill meets UL94V-0

Flame retardant outer wrap meets UL510

Non polar

Tubular Metalized Polyester Film Constuction

+/- 10% Tolerance

Axial Leads

Non Inductive, Self Healing

Note: Color may vary from one production run to another.

 .236 diameter Axial lead tubular capacitor.

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