Marshall Style 18 Watt Laydown Power Transformer - APD-8035H

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Proudly manufactured in the U.S.A.

Our Part# OEM Part# Series Type Rating
APD-8035H HTS-7048 Plus Power


Alternates: None
Reference#: Marshall 18W, 40-18035

Description: Great vintage type upgrade/general replacement Power transformer!  RadioSpares — 18 watt — Lower B+

With lugs like the original RS part. 40-18035, Classictone 40-18035, Classictone 40-18035
Used In: Marshall 18W and other 2xEL84 amps 40-18035, Classictone 40-18035, Classictone 40-18035
Classictone, 40-18035, Heyboer Transformers, Classictone 40-18035, classictone 40-18035, Classictone 40-18035, Classictone 40-18035
Classictone 40-18035, Classictone 18W Power Transformer 40-18035, Classictone


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