Marshall Style Support Mounting Brackets APD-8036

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Marshall Style Support Mounting Brackets APD-8036

This optional reinforcement bracket set includes 2 zinc plated reinforcement brackets, 2 - 2 1/2” 8 x 32 bolts, 2 hex nuts and 4 washers, 2 lock washers. Although not required for mounting, this optional set can be used in conjunction with our APD-8023H, APD-8024H, APD-8026H, APD-8053H, APD-8023M, APD-8024M, APD-8026M and APD-8053M for extra reinforcement mounting support. They fit right over the existing cover mounting "feet" and line up perfectly with the mounting holes on these parts. These bracket sets not only give your upright transformer functional reinforcement support, but they also give them that distinct "classic" Marshall* upright transformer appearance. They are very similar to the bracket sets that were supplied with many original upright mounted transformers for Marshall* from the 1960's and beyond. To use in conjunction with original Marshall* transformers or other transformer applications, the mounting centers from the holes in the "feet" of these transformers must measure 3 1/4" length. A great additional option for use with these transformers. These bracket sets are sold separately and are easy to install.

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