Classictone vs. Heyboer | How does the Heyboer APD-8025H Transformer Compare to Magnetic Components Classic Tone 40-18025 Transformer?

Classictone vs. Heyboer | How does the Heyboer APD-8025H Transformer Compare to Magnetic Components Classic Tone 40-18025 Transformer?

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How does the Heyboer APD-8025H Transformer Compare to Magnetic Components Classic Tone 40-18025 Transformer?


Are you planning on repairing an amp? Or, are you planning on taking on an even bigger project and building your own amp from scratch? Well, not from scratch, but you know what we mean! If so, you’re probably going to face the big question, should I order the Heyboer APD-8025H transformer or a Magnetic Compenents 40-18025 transformer? And that’s exactly where we come in. In this article we’ll measure up the two transformers, see how they compare, and then let you decide which one is the transformer for your upgraded, slick sounding amp. 

If you’re someone who is very into the ins and outs of amps, you’ll definitely come across several forums discussing Output transformers. That’s because, if you buy a vintage amp and then decide you need a new sound, you may just opt to swap out the transformer. People who swap out their old transformers for new transformers usually praise the new, upgraded sound blaring out from their amp.The reason why you want to investigate different transformers is because each brand of transformers will deliver a slightly different sound, which could make all the difference. 

There are Four Types of Transformers: Power Transformers, Chokes, Reverb Drivers and output Transformers. Output transformers will deliver the signal from your power tubes directly to your speakers. As you can imagine, the output transformer is the most critical transformer when voicing an amp. And that’s why quality is a must. Let’s dive a little deeper, shall we?

In what ways is the Heyboer Transformer similar to the Magnetic Components' Classic Tone Transformer?


Before we jump into the ways the two transformers differ, let’s have a look at how the two are alike. First off, we’re dealing here with 50w output Marshal style transformers. The electrical resistance for both has a 4/8/16 ohm. They are both upright mounted transformers. And guess what, both are made in America! Talk about supporting local businesses and a quality you can trust. Both transformers are reasonably priced. Especially because Mercury Magnetics transformers knock the two ‘out of the water,’ so to speak, when it comes to pricing. If you’re the kinda guy or gal who feels the price reflects the quality, then you might want to head straight for the Mercury Magnetics transformer. But, if you’re looking for a high quality, trusted transformer, and are working with a budget, then you’ll be faced with the decision, Magnetic Components ClassicTone transformers or, the Heyboer transformer. 

Both manufacturers are names highly trusted and praised in the playing field. When it comes to the two transformer construction types, Heyboer and Classic Tone by Magnetic Components, Inc. are both paper layer wounds. But we’ll get into that a little more later on. 


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What's the Quality of Tone when comparing Heyboer’s transformer to Magnetic Components’ Classic Tone transformer?


Many high-end builders use Heyboer transformers for their amps because of the fantastic sound they deliver. According to Carl’s Custom Amps, “Trainwreck and Dr. Z Amps use Heyboers as do many other high end builders.”Additionally, the Heyboer transformers are reasonably priced, which make their transformers accessible, without blowing away individual or high end builders’ budgets. Even if they are high-end builders, they are going to want to find products which are high quality, at a fair and feasible rate. Heyboer transformers are not available through Heyboer themselves. If you want to order a Heyboer output transformer you have to purchase them through a supplier like Amp Parts Direct. Amp Parts Direct is one of the most well known and trusted suppliers for both Heyboer and Mercury Magnetics amp parts today. 

Classic Tone transformers are also built really well at a fair and affordable price. For those serious about the tone and sound of their amp, one would choose between a Mercury Magnetics transformer, a Heyboer or Classic Tone transformer. Again, Mercury Magnetics tend to be the priciest transformers and amp parts on the market. Well, when considering the highest quality amp parts that is. Don't forget that Mercury Magnetic has their 30 days tone guarantee and 10 years manufacturer warranty.

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How do the Harmonics compare between Heyboer and Magnetic Components Classic Tone Transformers?

When it comes to harmonics, you’ll find your differences between each brand's transformers. From Weber, Mercury, Heyboer, to ClassicTone and all the rest. Many have come to prefer the Heyboer or Magnetic Components Classic Tone transformer harmonics. But this of course, is all a matter of taste. You may find the Heyboer transformer has more upper midtones, whereas the Classic Tone Magnetic Component transformer will have a fizzy top tone. The tuning of your guitar will certainly affect the tone pouring out of your amp, so beware when testing your overall range and sound. Heyboer has a very smooth and creamy sound, and Classic Tone will have a nearly similar smoothness to Heyboer transformers. 

As we mentioned earlier, Magnetic Components Classic Tone transformer and Heyboer’s Output transformer both wound on paper bobbin. Paper bobbin wound is what was used way back in the 50’s, which is why it’s such a praised sound for amps. These are one of the factors that contribute to Hayboer’s praised harmonic detail and usable tone. 

What are users saying about these two transformers?

“As far as Classic tone. I have used several of their transformers and have wound up with 60hz hum that is unacceptable.”

“I hear a lot of praise for Classic Tone, but it is because of price.” (

“I like both the classictone and the Heyboer - I just liked the Heyboer better - at some points in the clip . I didn't like the Mercury and Weber compared to the other 2. Further to this, despite me liking the Heyboer, I found the Classictone had this sort of "GRUFFF" punch which I really liked - that the Heyboer didn't.” (

What can we take away from this article about Heyboer and Magnetic Components Classic Tone’s 50w OT?

If you’re up for building a new amp or upgrading the amp you already have with a new output transformer, then your best choices out there are Mercury Magnetics, Classic Tone and Heyboer. If Mercury Magnetics output transformer is in your budget and your most desired transformer, then you already know that’s the transformer for your sound. However, if you’re debating between the Heyboer APD-8025H Transformer and the Magnetic Components 40-18025 Transformer, the price difference is certainly not what’s going to lead you towards one and away from the other. In this sense we’re biased because we tend to lean towards the high end builders’ preferences. And from what we've found, it seems to be that Heyboer transformers are the output transformers of choice by the leading professionals in the world and song of amplified sound. 


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